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Baker: Quiz


Question 1: This can lead to frustration as some bakers do not agree with techniques used by the ________ model.
United KingdomWorld Economic ForumFranchisingAustralia

Question 2: A baker is someone who primarily bakes and sells ________.
BreadMedieval cuisineBreakfastRice

Question 3: During the middle ages, it was common for each landlord to have a bakery, which was actually a public oven; ________ would bring dough that they had prepared to the baker, who would tend the oven and bake them into bread.

Question 4: The first group of people to bake bread were ________, around 8000 BC.
Alexander the GreatNew KingdomPtolemaic KingdomAncient Egypt

Question 5: These normally include supermarkets, ________, and the like.
7-ElevenConvenience storeSheetzWawa (convenience store)

Question 6: In olden times (colonial through about ________) breads were less sweet.

Question 7: They may specialise in particular types of products, such as ________.
StarchLeavening agentSourdoughGlucose

Question 8: ________ and similar foods may also be produced, as the traditional boundaries between what is produced by a baker as opposed to a pastry chef have blurred in recent decades.
CakeButterBreadSponge cake


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