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Baise-moi: Quiz


Question 1:
When was Baise-moi released?

Question 2:
Who was the cinematographer for Baise-moi?
Harry M. Fowler
Benou00EEt Chamaillard
Geoff Cocks
Harry B. Harris

Question 3:

Question 4:
Who of the following starred in Baise-moi?

Question 5: A second review passed them with an 18A license - this due in part to complaints by such notable Canadian filmmakers as ________ and Denys Arcand.
Atom EgoyanCalendar (film)Ararat (film)Exotica (film)

Question 6:
Who wrote Baise-moi?
Coralie Trinh Thi
Eduardo Levy
Melissa Painter

Question 7:
Who of these people produced Baise-moi?
Bill Korecky
Philippe Godeau
Ray Butt
Ged Allen

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Baise-moi have?
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West
English National Rugby Union Captain
2008 Khurcha incident

Question 9:
Who did the music for Baise-moi?

Question 10:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Baise-moi?

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