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Question 1: The Bais Rajput live in groups of villages named Baiswara, where Bais Rajput have ever migrated they have also formed such coalition of villages, namely the move to The Hills States of Punjab and ________.
Punjab (Pakistan)Gilgit-BaltistanMirpur, Azad KashmirAzad Kashmir

Question 2: Also with the move of many to the Hill States of Punjab and ________ most if not all converted to Islam as Islam was the dominant religion in the area.
Gilgit-BaltistanPunjab (Pakistan)Mirpur, Azad KashmirAzad Kashmir

Question 3: The pronunciation and phonetic spelling Bais was coined around after the takeover of Oudh and is predominantly used in north western India and some parts of the Punjab in both India & ________.

Question 4: Since the beginning of the Rajput era to the days of the ________, the Bais Rajput fought extensively in many wars for their own cause and the cause of their allies.
British RajBengal PresidencyBritish EmpireNorth Borneo

Question 5: These Dhangar Rajput Kshatriyas, during times of hardship, migrated from origins in the Indian state of Maharashtra to hills and forests in The Hill States of Punjab and ________[3]
Gilgit-BaltistanPunjab (Pakistan)Mirpur, Azad KashmirAzad Kashmir

Question 6: [10] It makes sense for Shesh-Vansh to be called Suryavanshi because they are descendants of ________ Ji, brother of Sri Rama, who is believed to be an avtar of Sheshnag.
SitaBharata (Ramayana)LakshmanaRamayana

Question 7: Baiswara are easily recognisable as most villages prize the name 'Bais' in the name of their village for example: Shere Bhainsi (________), Pind Bhainso (Pakistan) or Bais Godam (India).
SrinagarJammuKashmirJammu and Kashmir

Question 8: ________ - Bhuddist Indian Emperor of northern India
Eastern ChalukyasHarshaPala EmpireGupta Empire

Question 9: At the time of the ________ the Bais Rajput were given a special title to honour their warlike and brave nature they were named the Bhale Sultan meaning Lords of the spear.
Mongol EmpirePala EmpireMughal EmpireTimurid dynasty

Question 10: There are also ________ and Buddhist Bais Rajput but this is a minority in comparison to the latter two.
Sikh diasporaMazhabiSikhSikhism


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