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Question 1: This sale represented the second highest price of a Modern house at auction, just behind Mies van der Rohe’s ________, which sold for $8 million.
S.R. Crown HallFallingwaterLudwig Mies van der RoheFarnsworth House

Question 2: Indicative of the changing context, the property is now surrounded by tall ________ and shrubbery, replacing what was once a grand view to the south.

Question 3: Among these are a slightly altered tiling layout for the inner courtyard wall and a more elaborate ________ mechanism below.
FlorenceFountainFountains in ParisIstanbul

Question 4: Additionally, Cracchiolo apparently requested the introduction of semi-translucent glass on the ________ walls for increased privacy.
HouseKitchenAtrium (architecture)Bathroom

Question 5: In July 2006 Julius Shulman (at age 95) was invited to revisit Case Study House #21 to photograph it in its modern condition for the catalog of an upcoming ________ at Wright 20.
Online auction business modelAuction theoryAuctionEconomics

Question 6: The program was envisioned as a creative response to the impending building boom expected to follow the housing shortages of the ________ and World War II.
United StatesFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)Great Depression

Question 7: Eichler and John Entenza were well acquainted and both were developing a keen interest in the potential of lightweight ________ for residential architecture.
SteelStainless steelIronCarbon steel

Question 8: The slab-like white-vinyl-tiled floors that Koenig originally specified were replaced with wide-grout ________.

Question 9: After returning from four years of fighting in WWII, Pierre Koenig was introduced to the CSHP through the ongoing publication of the ________ designs in Arts & Architecture magazine.
DadaAbstract expressionismAvant-gardeSurrealism

Question 10: In the 1980s Koenig’s original kitchen was demolished and was replaced with a center-island ________ station.


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