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Bai Chongxi: Quiz


Question 1: At one time in 1929, Bai had to escape to ________ to avoid harm.
Papua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippinesVietnam

Question 2: As garrison commander of Shanghai, Bai also took part in the purge of Communist elements of the National Revolutionary Army on April 4, 1927 and of the ________ in Shanghai.
Trade unionHuman rightsUniversal suffrageSlavery

Question 3: ________:
Yuan Shikai
Anhui clique
Zhili clique
Fengtian clique
Shanxi clique
Ma clique
Xinjiang clique
Warlord eraBeiyang ArmySun Yat-senBeiyang Government

Question 4: For many of his battlefield exploits during the Northern expedition, he was given the laudatory nickname Xiao Zhuge, literally meaning "little Zhuge Liang," of the ________ fame.
Campaign against Dong ZhuoHan DynastyLiu BeiThree Kingdoms

Question 5: He led the Eastern Route Army which conquered ________ and Shanghai in 1927.

Question 6: During the ________, he was the Deputy Chief of the General Staff responsible for operations and training.
World War IIOperation Ichi-GoPacific WarSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 7: At the end of the Northern Expedition, ________ began to agitate to get rid of the Guangxi forces.
Joseph StalinChiang Ching-kuoChiang Kai-shekGeorge Marshall

Question 8: Bai is buried in the Muslim Cemetery in ________, Taiwan.

Question 9: In that capacity he oversaw the successful defense of ________, capital of Hunan Province.

Question 10: When the better armed and trained Japanese troops advanced, the Chinese would adopt a ________ campaign in the enemy's path to deny them local supply.
Hill fortTrench warfareScorched earthFortification


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