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Bagalkot district: Quiz


Question 1: The Kalyani Chalukyas moved their capital from Badami to Kalyani, in the present day district of ________.

Question 2: The ________ sanctioned a pilgrim centre in the town of Koodalasangama in honour of the social reformist Basavanna.
Government of IndiaSupreme Court of IndiaPresident of IndiaAdministrative divisions of India

Question 3: Mallikarjuna temple in dravidian style and Kashi Vishwanatha temple in nagara style at ________, built 740 CE.

Question 4: Legend has it that both asuras were vanquished by the sage ________.

Question 5: Located in north-central Karnataka, Bagalkot is surrounded by ________ to the west, Bijapur District and Gulbarga District to the north and north-east, Raichur District to the east and Koppal District, Gadag District and Dharwad District to the south-east, south and south-west respectively.
AinapurBenadiBelgaum districtMamadapur

Question 6: Badami taluk remained the seat of the throne of the ________ from 550 CE - 753 CE, when Chalukya king Kirtivarman II was overthrown by the Rashtrakutas.
Western Ganga DynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyChalukya dynasty

Question 7: Over 191 ________ localities have been discovered in the Kalagdi basin of the district.
Middle PaleolithicBehavioral modernityPaleolithic religionPaleolithic

Question 8: In September 1901 a ________ swept through the district, particularly affecting Indi, Sindgi and Badami taluks.
MalnutritionFood securityOverpopulationFamine

Question 9: [8] Bagalkot has not been affected by major ________ activity due to it being located in the stable Zone II.
EarthquakeSeismologyReflection seismologySeismic wave

Question 10: The cave temples of Badami Cave Temples and the ________ temples of Rashtrakutas at Lokapura and Bilgi are also famous.
HinduismJainismIndian religionsJain philosophy

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