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Question 1:
Where does Baffin Island come from?

Question 2: Unlike the ________ in southern climes, Arctic Wolves often do not hunt in packs, although a male-female pair may hunt together.
Gray WolfCougarCoyoteRaccoon

Question 3: On land, examples of year-round wildlife are Barren-ground Caribou, polar bear, ________, Arctic Hare, lemming and Arctic Wolf.
Arctic FoxBrown BearWolverineRed Fox

Question 4:
What is the metropolitican population of Baffin Island?

Question 5: ________, which actually do not migrate far off land in the winter.
Sea otterWalrusPolar bearGray Wolf

Question 6: Baffin Island lies in the path of a generally northerly airflow all year round, so like much of eastern ________, has an unusually cold climate.
BarbadosUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanada

Question 7: They migrate in large pods consisting of a hundred or more seals, to within 1–8 km (0.62–5.0 mi) of the shoreline, which they then follow, feeding on ________ and fish.

Question 8: Baffin Island (Inuktitut: ᕿᑭᖅᑖᓗᒃ, Qikiqtaaluk, French: Île de Baffin, Old Norse: Helluland) in the territory of Nunavut is the largest member of the ________.
Canadian Arctic ArchipelagoEllesmere IslandHans IslandResolution Island (Nunavut)

Question 9: Found throughout the ________ range, one group of Bowhead Whales are known to migrate to the Foxe Basin, a bay on the western side of Baffin Island.
ArcticDesertNorth American ArcticAntarctica

Question 10: Waterfowl include ________, Snow Goose and Brant Goose (Brent Goose).
Canada GooseNorthern PintailRed FoxRaccoon

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