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  • there are two Baffin Bays in North America, one (pictured) containing about a million times more water than the other?

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Question 1: Baffin Bay was the epicenter of a 7.3 magnitude ________ in 1933.
Geotechnical engineeringS-waveEarthquakeLandslide

Question 2: On the West. The Eastern limits of the North-West Passages [The East Coast of ________ between C.
Melville Island (Canada)Ellesmere IslandAxel Heiberg IslandBaffin Island

Question 3: During these voyages it was proven that the Northwest Passage was not in the ________ area.
Davis StraitJames BayArctic OceanHudson Bay

Question 4: ________
1966 Palomares B-52 crashB-52 Stratofortress1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crashPlutonium

Question 5: About 120,000 Beluga whales live in Baffin Bay, eating small fish and ________.

Question 6: On the North. A line from Cape Sheridan, Grant Land (82°35′N 60°45′W / 82.583°N 60.75°W / 82.583; -60.75) to Cape Bryant, ________.
AzoresGreenlandMadeiraFaroe Islands

Question 7: Baffin Bay is an arm of the Arctic Ocean bounded by ________ in the west, Greenland in the east, and Ellesmere Island in the north.
Bylot IslandSkraeling IslandBaffin IslandMelville Island (Canada)

Question 8: It is not navigable most of the year because of the presence of large numbers of ________.
IcebergCanadaAtlantic OceanAntarctica


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