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Question 1: The fort is situated at the cross of two Roman roads, between Dorchester, ________ (Salisbury), Bath and Hamworthy (Poole).
StonehengeBritish Iron AgeOld SarumEngland

Question 2: Badbury Rings is an Iron Age hill fort in east ________, England, dating from 800 BC and in use until the Roman occupation of 43 CE.
SomersetPooleDorsetWeymouth, Dorset

Question 3: Dorset fell to the ________ late in the Saxon invasion of England, being held up by Bokerley Dyke on the Roman Road from Old Sarum.
Germanic peoplesFranksAnglo-SaxonsSaxons

Question 4: The 330 ft (100 m) high, 7 hectare fort is encircled by three 40 ft (15 m) ramparts and four ________ round barrows indicating an earlier occupation.
Deverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near EastBronze AgeBronze Age Britain

Question 5: Carr has suggested that such a force could be one of the sources of the legends of King Arthur, and that Badbury could be the "Badon" of the legend of the ________.
Battle of Mons BadonicusWalesÆlle of SussexSites and places associated with Arthurian legend


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