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Badami: Quiz


Question 1: There are high relief carvings of Vishnu with a serpent, Vishnu as ________, Varaha, Harihara and Trivikrama.

Question 2: The name Vatapi has origin in the Vatapi legend of Ramayana relating to Sage ________.

Question 3: The ________ under the king Narasimhavarman I (also called Mamalla Pallava) seized it in 642 A.D.
Satavahana dynastyChalukya dynastyChola DynastyPallava

Question 4: Badami was the capital of the Early Chalukyas, who ruled much of Karnataka and ________ between the 6th and 8th centuries.
TelanganaHyderabad, IndiaAndhra PradeshMaharashtra

Question 5: Badami (Kannada: ಬದಾಮಿ), formerly known as Vatapi, is a taluk in the ________ of Karnataka, India.
GalagaliBagalkot districtAminagadAlagur

Question 6: The greatest among them was Pulakeshi II (610-642 AD) who defeated many kings including ________ king Mahendra Verman I and extended the kingdom.
PallavaChola DynastyChalukya dynastySatavahana dynasty

Question 7: It was the regal capital of the ________ from 540 to 757 AD.
Western Ganga DynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireChalukya dynastyRashtrakuta Dynasty

Question 8: by Pulakesi I(535-566 AD), an early ruler of the ________.
Western Chalukya EmpireWestern Ganga DynastyChalukya dynastyRashtrakuta Dynasty

Question 9: Badami is reachable from ________ by a 12-hour bus ride, or with a combination of an overnight train journey from Bangalore to Hospet followed by a short bus ride from Hospet to Badami.
KrishnarajapuraBengaluru PeteBangaloreBugle Rock

Question 10: There is a carving of the ________ Parshavnatha (with a serpent at his feet).
JainismTirthankarMahaviraNami Natha


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