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Bad Gastein: Quiz


Question 1: It is located at the head of the Gastein valley, about 1,000 meters (3,280 ft.) above ________.
Thermohaline circulationCurrent sea level risePhysical oceanographySea level

Question 2: [citation needed] ________ (also known as Bechterew's disease), in particular, has seen positive results from treatment at the Heilstollen.
ArthritisAnkylosing spondylitisSpondyloarthropathyRheumatoid arthritis

Question 3: It was originally a ________ area and the site of an ancient trade route crossing the Central Eastern Alps.
Gold miningGold mining in the United StatesGold rushCalifornia Gold Rush

Question 4: In the 19th century the ________ of Bad Gastein became a fashionable resort, visited by monarchs as well as the rich and famous.
Hot springVolcanoJapanUnited States

Question 5: Bad Gastein has vibrant ________ traditions that have been slightly assimilated into Roman Catholic tradition.
PaganismPrehistoric religionChristianity and PaganismPolytheism

Question 6: The Krampus is an elemental, horned and demonic character, playfully re-enacted by bands of male revelers during December and also once every four years during a ________ event or Perchtenlauf.
HoldaPre-Christian Alpine traditionsSwabian-Alemannic-FastnachtPerchta

Question 7: ________ (1867–1934) and Heinrich Mache (1876–1954) helped to discover that it contained radon and as a result radon therapy began in the town.
Marie CurieWilhelm RöntgenPierre CurieJ. J. Thomson

Question 8: It hosted the 1958 World Championships in ________.
FIS Alpine Ski World CupCross-country skiingInternational Ski FederationAlpine skiing

Question 9: One example of the pre-Christian Alpine traditions is the Krampus, now adopted as one of the ________.
Santa ClausCompanions of Saint NicholasFather ChristmasChristmas Eve

Question 10: It is therefore easily accessible by the frequent ________ and InterCity trains going along this route.


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