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Bacteroidetes: Quiz


Question 1: However, they are unsure if Bacteroidetes prevent ________ or if these intestinal flora are merely preferentially selected by intestinal conditions in those who are not obese.
Obesity hypoventilation syndromeAbdominal obesityChildhood obesityObesity

Question 2: Researcher Jeffrey Gordon and his colleagues found that obese humans and mice had intestinal flora (________) with a lower percentage of Bacteroidetes and relatively more bacteria from the Firmicutes family.
Human floraImmune systemDietary fiberGut flora

Question 3: The phylum Bacteroidetes is composed of three large classes of ________ that are widely distributed in the environment, including in soil, in sediments, sea water and in the guts and on the skin of animals.
Gram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteriaCorynebacteriumBacteria


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