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Question 1: Some patients with prosthetic heart valves however need ________ prophylaxis for dental surgery because bacteremia might lead to endocarditis (infection of the interior lining of the heart).
Antibiotic misuseAntibioticATC code J01Nucleic acid inhibitor

Question 2: The constellation of findings related to this response (such as ________, chills, or hypotension) is referred to as sepsis.
Influenza-like illnessFeverHeadacheFatigue (medical)

Question 3: Bacteremia (also Bacteraemia or Bacteræmia) is the presence of bacteria in the ________.
PlateletBloodRed blood cellBlood plasma

Question 4: Bacteremia may also be seen in oropharyngeal, ________ or genitourinary surgery or exploration.
Ascending cholangitisColorectal cancerHuman gastrointestinal tractPeritonitis

Question 5: ________ is an ill-defined non-scientific term introducing more confusion between sepsis and bacteremia: it suggests there is something in the bloodstream causing sepsis.
SepsisAcute respiratory distress syndromeAcute liver failureShock (circulatory)

Question 6: Treatment is with ________, and prevention with antibiotic prophylaxis can be given in situations where problems are to be expected.
Nucleic acid inhibitorAntibioticATC code J01Antibiotic misuse

Question 7: The ________ to the bacteria can cause sepsis (blood poisoning) and septic shock, which has a relatively high mortality rate.
Adaptive immune systemImmune systemLymphatic systemToll-like receptor

Question 8: Bacteremia is the principal means by which local ________ are spread to distant organs (referred to as hematogenous spread).

Question 9: Bacteremia is typically transient rather than continuous, due to a vigorous ________ response when bacteria are detected in the blood.
Toll-like receptorImmune systemLymphatic systemAdaptive immune system

Question 10: In the hospital, indwelling catheters are a frequent cause of bacteremia and subsequent ________ infections, because they provide a means by which bacteria normally found on the skin can enter the bloodstream.
Ventilator-associated pneumoniaAcute respiratory distress syndromeNosocomial infectionSepsis


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