Bacon: Quiz

Question 1: [2] Such use is common in areas with significant ________ and Muslim populations.

Question 2: The preservative ________ is the probable cause,[36][37] and bacon made without added nitrites is available.
Sodium nitriteSodium thiosulfatePotassium permanganateEthanol

Question 3: It is cured and smoked belly meat as in the U.S., but is usually shorter; one possible application is ________.
Fast foodSobaTempuraSushi

Question 4: In ________, this is called pancetta and is usually cooked in small cubes or served uncooked and thinly sliced as part of an antipasto.

Question 5: Bacon dishes include bacon and eggs, BLT sandwiches, bacon wrapped foods (scallops, shrimp,[27][28][29] and ________), and cobb salad.
AsparagusFolic acidUnited StatesSpanish language

Question 6: The word is derived from the Old High German bacho, meaning "buttock", "ham" or "side of bacon", and cognate with the ________ bacon.
French languageOld FrenchRomance languagesEnglish language

Question 7: [34] Despite the health consequences of excessive bacon grease consumption, it remains popular in the cuisine of the ________.
Northeastern United StatesSouthern United StatesMidwestern United StatesUnited States

Question 8: Meat from other animals, such as ________, lamb, chicken, goat, or turkey, may also be cut, cured, or otherwise prepared to resemble bacon, and may even be referred to as "bacon".
BeefTaboo food and drinkCattleMilk

Question 9: The term ________ is a variety of unsmoked back bacon which historically was brined and rolled in a meal made from ground yellow peas.
The Bacon CookbookBacon: A Love StoryBaconThe BLT Cookbook

Question 10: [3] The ________ defines bacon as "the cured belly of a swine carcass"; other cuts and characteristics must be separately qualified (e.g., "smoked pork loin bacon").
United States Department of the InteriorUnited States Department of AgricultureNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceEconomic Research Service

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