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Question 1: Backpacking (in US; tramping, trekking, or bushwalking in other countries) combines ________ and camping in a single trip.
Backpacking (wilderness)HikingMountaineeringUltralight backpacking

Question 2: ________ are handy for peace of mind: In case the weather, terrain or environment is more challenging than prepared for.
AnxietySurvival skillsSurvival kitAnger

Question 3: ________ and snowshoeing are alternative forms of hiking (overnight or otherwise) that can be engaged in when the ground is buried deeply in snow.
MountaineeringSkiingSki mountaineeringSki touring

Question 4: military's ________ ("MRE"), but is now produced also for the commercial market.
LRP rationMeal, Ready-to-EatMountain rationC-ration

Question 5: Another example is the High Sierra Camps in ________.
Yosemite National ParkAnza-Borrego Desert State ParkBoggs Mountain Demonstration State ForestRedwood National and State Parks

Question 6: ________ focuses on cultural attractions, rather than natural ones, though it may also include wilderness side trips.
Gap yearHostelBackpacking (travel)Morocco

Question 7: Popular snack foods include trail mix, easily prepared at home; nuts, convenient and nutritious energy bars, ________, and other forms of candy, which provide quick energy and flavor.
Theobroma cacaoHot chocolateChocolateCocoa bean

Question 8: ________ is a skill of last resort.
CQDMorse codeSOSDistress signal

Question 9: The small chemical heater obviates the need for a ________ and fuel, however the added weight of the MRE's and their packaging reduce the weight advantage.
Svea 123Backpacking (wilderness)Portable stoveGasoline

Question 10: ________: effectively dealing with minor injuries (splinters, punctures, sprains) is considered by many a fundamental backcountry skill.
Automated external defibrillatorCardiopulmonary resuscitationFirst aidABC (medicine)


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