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Back Dorm Boys: Quiz


Question 1: The first episode of the ________ TV show Heroes included a reference to the Back Dorm boys.
TelemundoNBCShopNBCUniversal Sports

Question 2: While still at school, the Back Dorm Boys were signed as spokespeople for ________ cellphones in China and eventually become host of Motorola's online lip sync contests[3].
MotorolaCaterpillar Inc.BoeingSears Holdings Corporation

Question 3: Many of their videos can be seen on ________, giving them YouTube fame.
Google searchGoogleYouTubeGoogle Videos

Question 4: In a ________ episode "Canada on Strike", they were shown trying to collect "theoretical dollars" along with other popular internet memes.
South Park (season 1)Eric CartmanSouth ParkBig Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

Question 5: They also signed a contract with ________, one of the largest Chinese Internet portals.
MSNChina MobileSina.comChinese language

Question 6: Their videos, captured on a low quality ________ in their college dorm room, have been viewed by Internet users within China and around the world.

Question 7: He is often playing the ________ computer game while Wei Wei and Huang Yixin are performing.
Counter-StrikeHalf-Life (video game)Half-Life 2Half-Life: Opposing Force

Question 8: A recent music video of the show Mr. Meaty main characters shows them singing along to ________ hoping "to be famous".
Larger than Life (song)Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)The One (Backstreet Boys song)I Want It That Way

Question 9: The Back Dorm Boys received mainstream media attention in the United States through ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesMalaysiaThe Ellen DeGeneres Show

Question 10: Back Dorm Boys showcase Several downloadable ________ videos
MusepackFree Lossless Audio CodecDivXWindows Media Video

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