Back-story: Quiz

Question 1: ________, on August 11, 2008, started using its "Backstory" feature to provide "a quick way to catch up on how a story has developed over time".
HLN (TV channel)CNN en EspañolCNNFox News Channel

Question 2: The later creation of a backstory that conflicts with a previously written main story may require the adjustment device known as ________.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsAlan MooreSuperheroRetroactive continuity

Question 3: Recollection is the ________ whereby a character calls something to mind, or remembers it.
Rhetorical modesNarratorFiction-writing modeNarrative mode

Question 4: The dramatic revelation of secrets from the backstory, as a useful technique for developing a story, was recognized as far back as ________, in Poetics.
PlatoEmpiricismAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 5: [4] A show titled Backstory began airing shortly after on ________.
CNN International North AmericaCNN en EspañolHLN (TV channel)CNN International

Question 6: In a ________ more than one author may shape the same backstory.
Parallel universe (fiction)Fictional crossoverShared universeTime Lord

Question 7: A back-story, background story, or backstory (or in games, the background of a character) is the ________ of a narrative chronologically earlier than, and related to, a narrative of primary interest.
Literary techniqueNovelPoetryLiterature

Question 8: As a ________ backstory is often employed to lend depth or verisimilitude to the main story.
LiteratureLiterary techniqueNovelPoetry

Question 9: Backstory may be revealed by various means, including flashbacks, ________, direct narration, summary, recollection, and exposition.

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