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Question 1: The aircraft took off and was guided almost to the bomber's altitude using ________ from the ground, with the pilot taking control right at the end to point the nose in the right direction, jettison the plastic nosecone and pull the trigger.
Remote controlRadio controlRadio-controlled modelRadio-controlled aircraft

Question 2: After Bachem's design caught the eye of Heinrich Himmler at the SS, it emerged as the winner of the design contest and the project came under control of ________.
Hans KammlerNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffel

Question 3: Only the ________ and the fixing of pulling wires caused concerns.
TireCar handlingVehicle dynamicsCenter of mass

Question 4: The primary mission of the (inexperienced) pilot was to aim the aircraft at its target ________ and fire its armament of rockets.
F-15E Strike EagleBomberB-1 LancerB-52 Stratofortress

Question 5: The front runner for the design was initially the Heinkel P.1077 "Julia" that took off from a rail and landed on a skid like the ________ Komet.
Messerschmitt Me 163Messerschmitt Me 262Messerschmitt Bf 110Messerschmitt Bf 109

Question 6: With ________ air superiority being challenged by the Allies even over the Reich in 1943, radical innovations were required to overcome the crisis.
Royal Air ForceLuftwaffeRomanian Air ForceHellenic Air Force

Question 7: Mission control then had the aircraft guided by radio to a point in front and above the bombers, where the pilot would turn off the ________, and push over for a gliding attack.
Glass cockpitAircraft flight control systemInertial navigation systemAutopilot

Question 8: After running out of fuel the aircraft would then be used to ram the tail of a bomber, with the pilot ejecting just before impact to ________ to the ground.
ParachuteUnited StatesParaglidingParachuting

Question 9: The Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt (DVL) in ________ provided wind-tunnel testing of models which were built early in the program.

Question 10: The initial prototype BP-20 M1 did not include an engine, and was towed up to 3000 meter by a ________ bomber for glide testing by Erich Klöckner.
Heinkel He 100Heinkel He 177Heinkel He 111Heinkel He 112

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