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Baby Bash: Quiz


Question 1:
What years was Baby Bash active?
1972 - 1985, 2005 - Present

Question 2:
What was Baby Bash's birth name?
Mic Bryant
Anita Jane Bryant
Ronnie Ray Bryant
John Alvin Ray

Question 3:
What did Baby Bash do for a living?

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6: Baby Bash's career began as part of the group Potna Duece in Vallejo, ________.
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 7: In 2005, Super Saucy was released, its lead single being "I'm Back", a collaboration with singer ________.
Smack ThatAkonAkon discographyFreedom (Akon album)

Question 8: So far, Baby Bash has released three singles off the album: "Mamacita" featuring Marcos Hernandez, "Na Na (The Yummy Song)", and "Cyclone" featuring Mickaël & ________.
T-PainThr33 RingzGo HardT-Pain discography

Question 9: Baby Bash has also worked with Australian artist ________, who on March 3, 2008 released the song "Teardrops," which is a cover of Womack & Womack's song with Baby Bash rapping throughout the song.
Kate AlexaBroken & BeautifulTeardrops (Womack & Womack song)H2O: Just Add Water (soundtrack)

Question 10: [7] He continues to write lyrics for singers such as Paula DeAnda, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and ________.
Abraham Quintanilla IIIPee Wee (entertainer)Abel TalamantezFrankie J


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