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Babendil: Quiz


Question 1: The babendil usually has a diameter of roughly one foot making it larger than the largest kulintang gong and comparable to the diameter of the ________ or gandingan.

Question 2: [1] Among the ________, the Samal and the Yakan, their babendil-type instrument generally has gone into disuse (Instead, tempo is kept in check using the highest gong on the kulintangan .
TausūgChinese FilipinoMoro peopleFilipino people

Question 3: The babendil is a single, narrow-rimmed ________ gong[1] used primary as the “timekeeper” of the Maguindanao kulintang ensemble.
PhilippinesPapua New GuineaUnited StatesEast Timor

Question 4: Babendils are normally made out of bronze but due to the scarcity of this metal in ________, most gongs, including the babendil are made out of more common metal such as brass, iron and even tin-can.
Autonomous Region in Muslim MindanaoPhilippinesMindanaoManila

Question 5: Scholars suggest the name babendil is derived from the Arabic word, bandair, meaning, “circular-type, pan-Arabic, ________ or frame drum.


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