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Babe Ruth's called shot: Quiz


Question 1: Sitting in a box behind home plate, ________, soon to be elected 32nd President of the United States, even had a laugh as he watched Ruth round the bases.
Franklin D. RooseveltHarry S. TrumanJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. Johnson

Question 2: The film took its material from Ruth's ________, and hence did not question the veracity of the called shot.
AutobiographyPersian languageJean-Jacques RousseauRhetoric

Question 3: It is unclear if he pointed to center field, to the pitcher, or to the ________ bench.
Chicago Cubs franchise historyChicago Cubs all-time rosterPeoria ChiefsChicago Cubs

Question 4: It was probably due to the wide circulation of the ________ newspapers that gave the story life, as many read Williams' article and assumed it was accurate.

Question 5: Fittingly, Jake was playing against the ________.
Yogi BerraStaten Island YankeesNew York YankeesNew York Yankees all-time roster

Question 6: Root's next pitch was a ________ that Ruth blasted at least 440 feet to the deepest part of center field near the flag pole (some estimates are as high as 490 feet).
KnuckleballCurveballFastballYellow Hammer

Question 7: The film was shot by an amateur ________ named Matt Miller Kandle, Sr.
Film editingSound designFilm directorPre-production

Question 8: [4] When he was asked to play himself in the 1948 ________ about Ruth, Root turned it down when he learned that Ruth's pointing to center field would be in the film.
Movie theaterIndependent filmFilmmakingFilm

Question 9: In a late edition the same day of the game, Williams wrote this headline that appeared in the New York World-Telegram, evoking ________ terminology: "RUTH CALLS SHOT AS HE PUTS HOME RUN NO.
Carom billiardsFive-pinsCue sportsBilliard ball

Question 10: Despite these distracting theatrics, Root was left in the game; but for only one pitch, which ________ drilled into the right field seats for his second homer of the day; Root was then relieved.
Lou GehrigJoe DiMaggioBabe RuthMickey Mantle

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