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Babbit and Catstello: Quiz


Question 1: Later, Babbit is voiced by ________, and Joe Alaskey performs Catstello.
Artie LangeBilly WestGeorge TakeiHoward Stern

Question 2: Babbit attempts to coerce Catstello (often by beating him up) into going after the ________ solo, using various methods to get it (which involved Catstello getting hurt).

Question 3: Finally, in 1946, they appeared in Robert McKimson's The Mouse-Merized Cat, wherein Babbit uses a ________ to hypnotize Catstello.

Question 4: Babbit and Catstello are fictional characters, based on the comedic duo ________, that appeared in certain Warner Bros. animated cartoons.
Who's on First?Abbott and CostelloLou CostelloBud Abbott

Question 5: Their goal in this cartoon was the cheese in the kitchen's refrigerator, the only obstacle being the resident house________.
Gray WolfRaccoonCatLion

Question 6: In their first three cartoons, the "Babbit" character was voiced by Tedd Pierce, and ________ performed "Catstello".
Bugs BunnyMel BlancWarner Bros. CartoonsLooney Tunes

Question 7: The final scene shows Catstello eating cheese and reading a ________ on living alone, before turning to the audience and once again reciting "Oh — I'm a baaaaad boy!"


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