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Question 1: Jewish ritual objects, such as ________, mezuzot, siddurim, and even matzah, were also smuggled into Russia.
Jewish holidayTefillinBereavement in JudaismJewish services

Question 2: The Baal teshuva movement and the events it encompasses received the attention of President Ronald Reagan in a speech to the Bnai Brith in 1984 who quoted from the writings of ________:
Nathan GlazerNeoconservatismIrving KristolAmerican Enterprise Institute

Question 3: ________ Hasidism, with many Chabad houses throughout Israel, and yeshiva programs for Israelis, Russians, French, and Americans, reach out to thousands.
Amshinov (Hasidic dynasty)Breslov (Hasidic dynasty)ChabadIzhbitza (Hasidic dynasty)

Question 4: Several thousand applied for exit visas to Israel and were instantly ostracized by government organizations including the ________.
Iron CurtainEastern BlocBerlin WallKGB

Question 5: These schools opened in the early 1970s, mainly based in ________.

Question 6: This movement has continued unabated until the present time and has been noted by scholars who have written articles and books about its significance to modern ________.
AntisemitismJewsAshkenazi JewsJewish history

Question 7: It began during the mid-twentieth century, when large numbers of previously highly assimilated Jews chose to move in the direction of practicing ________.
SamaritanKabbalahIslam and JudaismJudaism

Question 8: Rabbi Yosef Blau the mashgiach ruchani of ________ has noted:
Joseph B. SoloveitchikYeshiva UniversityYeshiva College (Yeshiva University)Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary

Question 9: Many hundreds became refuseniks (otkazniks in Russian), willing to suffer jail time to demonstrate their new-found longing for ________.

Question 10: Two significant institutions have been the ________ ("fire of Torah") yeshiva headed by Rabbi Noach Weinberg, and the Ohr Somayach ("happy light") yeshiva headed by Rabbi Nota Schiller[9] .
Baal teshuva movementSecular Jewish cultureAish HaTorahOrthodox Judaism


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