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B cell: Quiz


Question 1: Each B cell has a unique receptor protein (referred to as the ________ (BCR)) on its surface that will bind to one particular antigen.
AntibodyAdaptive immune systemAutoantibodyImmune system

Question 2: When a B cell processes and presents the same antigen to the primed Th cell, the T cell secretes ________ that activate the B cell.

Question 3: T dependent antigens contain proteins that are presented on B cell Class II MHC to a special subtype of T cell called a ________ cell.
T helper cellRegulatory T cellImmune systemCytotoxic T cell

Question 4: B cells are lymphocytes that play a large role in the humoral immune response (as opposed to the cell-mediated immune response, which is governed by ________).
Regulatory T cellT cellT helper cellCytotoxic T cell

Question 5: The authors postulate that these phagocytic B cells represent the ancestral history shared between macrophages and ________.
ThymocyteAdaptive immune systemImmune systemLymphocyte

Question 6: Interactive Animation of B Cell Maturation (requires ________ software)
QuickTimeFree Lossless Audio CodecFlash VideoContainer format (digital)

Question 7: Most forms of ________, lymphoma, and other hematological malignancy are derived from B cells.
LeukemiaLeukemoid reactionAcute biphenotypic leukaemiaHairy cell leukemia

Question 8: B cells may have evolved from macrophage-like cells during the formation of the ________[9].
HaematopoiesisInnate immune systemAdaptive immune systemThymocyte

Question 9: ________ are an exception; their B cells develop in the appendix-sacculus rotundus.
European RabbitRabbitEuropean HareSnowshoe Hare

Question 10: These cytokines trigger B cell proliferation and differentiation into ________.
ThymocyteT helper cellWhite blood cellPlasma cell

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