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BT Group: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of these is a BT Group product?
Mobile service as a Molo
CDMA Prepaid Mobile Phones
Mobile Software, Zune Apps, iPhone Apps, Development tools, ect.
Mobile Broadband

Question 2:
What is the company slogan of BT Group?
Bringing the Very Best to Families since 1956
Bring Fortune With Mascot
Bringing it all together
Brings Your Home to Life

Question 3: On 20 February 2007 BT announced that Sir Michael Rake, then chairman of accountancy firm ________ International, would succeed Sir Christopher Bland, who stepped down in September of that year.

Question 4: These were Kingston upon Hull, Portsmouth and ________.
CrimeaJerseyGuernseyUnited Kingdom

Question 5:
What area does BT Group serve?
All over Bangladesh
United Kingdom
Ohio, Michigan, Indiana
United Kingdom

Question 6: BT's businesses are operated under special government regulation by the British telecoms regulator ________ (formerly Oftel).
City University LondonUnited KingdomCardiffOfcom

Question 7:
When was BT Group founded?
provisionally 1846
1949 as Tokai Aircraft Company
1926 as a separate company
1846 as the Electric Telegraph Company

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at BT Group?
Scott E. Sullivan, Principal Accounting Officer, Controller
Ian Livingston
Christophe Camborde, Chairman and managing director, Founder
Yassine Benjelloun

Question 9: In response to questions about Phorm and the interception of data by the Webwise system ________, credited as the creator of the World Wide Web, is quoted as saying:
Ontology (information science)Michael A. JacksonSoftware engineeringTim Berners-Lee

Question 10:
Where is BT Group?
City of London, London, United Kingdom


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