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BMT Broadway Line: Quiz


Question 1: 1/Q (BMT Brighton Line) express trains were mostly moved to the ________ as a relocated D in 1967, but a few trips stayed as the QB, later the Q again.
IND Eighth Avenue LineIND Sixth Avenue LineChrystie Street ConnectionBMT Broadway Line

Question 2: 1/QT (________) local trains ran until 1967, when the QT was discontinued.
BMT Franklin Avenue LineBMT Brighton LineBMT West End LineBMT Sea Beach Line

Question 3: The BMT Broadway Line is a rapid transit line of the B Division of the New York City Subway in ________, New York City, United States.
BrooklynManhattanThe BronxStaten Island

Question 4: However, the final plan had the express tracks splitting at Canal Street and passing under the northbound local track to the ________.
Queensboro BridgeManhattan BridgeWilliamsburg BridgeBrooklyn Bridge

Question 5: ________
center track used as south terminal for W
St. George Ferry Terminal1 (New York City Subway service)Staten Island FerryManhattan

Question 6: The line is named for its location under Broadway between Vesey Street and Seventh Avenue (________).
Broadway (New York City)BowerySutton Place, ManhattanTimes Square

Question 7: The original plan there was to build two one-track tunnels under 59th and 60th Streets, rising onto the bridge to ________.
QueensNew York CityBrooklynNassau County, New York

Question 8: The Broadway Line was built to give the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (later the ________) access to Midtown Manhattan.
BMT Jamaica LineBrooklyn–Manhattan Transit CorporationSecond Avenue SubwayNew York City Subway nomenclature

Question 9: It also passes under Vesey Street, Whitehall Street, Trinity Place, and Church Street in ________, and Seventh Avenue, 59th Street, and 60th Street in Midtown.
Washington Heights, ManhattanGreenwich VillageLower ManhattanBowery

Question 10: At most times, the Broadway Line has had four services — two local and two express — during the day, with a third express service until the 1967 opening of the ________.
Chrystie Street ConnectionIND Sixth Avenue LineBMT Brighton LineBMT Jamaica Line


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