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BKV: Quiz


Question 1: Most of the current M2 and M3 metro stations only have ________.
AtlantaEscalatorTaipeiNew York City

Question 2: The M4 metro line will have public ________ installed in every station.
LisbonLondonUnited StatesElevator

Question 3: Following the fiscal collapse of the ________ Transelektro Group, the local co-manufacturer the delivery of the 2nd series was delayed for several months, and was finalized by Skoda, the new owner of Ganz Transelektro.
GanzHungaryTheodore von KármánTransformer

Question 4: There are, however, a few small-sized BKV buses, which can be reserved by phone to transport a person using a ________.
WheelchairWalker (mobility)Assisted livingMotorized wheelchair

Question 5: BKV (Budapesti Közlekedési Zrt.; Mass Transport co. ltd. of Budapest – the abbreviation BKV stands for its earlier name Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat; Mass Transport Company of Budapest) is the unified public transport company of the city of ________, the capital of Hungary.

Question 6: BKV operates 27 city tram lines and 4 ________ lines into the suburban agglomeration.
Inter-city railShare taxiTaxicabCommuter rail

Question 7: Ikarus 280T: Ikarus 280 articulated body equipped with ________ chopper-based electronics.
HungaryTheodore von KármánTransformerGanz

Question 8: The ________ is a hallmark of Budapest; both diesel and ETB bendy vehicles have been running since the late 1950s and still form the majority of BKV's fleet.
Bi-articulated busArticulated busNeoplanDouble-decker bus

Question 9: The Mass Transport Company of Budapest operates 3 metro, 4 HÉV, 30 tram, 15 trolley bus and 258 ________ lines.
BusBus advertisingTrolleybusPublic transport bus service


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