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BBC World News: Quiz


Question 1: The first half hour of BBC World News America is time shifted and shown at 0030 British Time on the ________ channel.
BBC TelevisionBBC News (TV channel)BBC Cymru WalesBBC News

Question 2:
Where does BBC World News come from?
United Kingdom

Question 3:
What entity owns BBC World News?

Question 4: Newsnight - ________ looks back at the best of the week's films and discussions from Newsnight.
Jeremy PaxmanEnglandUnited KingdomBBC News

Question 5: However there is a simulcast of the 0500UK edition of BBC World News on BBC One and the ________ channel, followed by an edition of World Business Report.
BBC NewsBBC News (TV channel)BBC TelevisionBBC Cymru Wales

Question 6:
Which of the following languages is spoken in BBC World News?
English and, Russian

Question 7: In Canada, the channel is available on ________ and Shaw Direct satellite services, as well as on most digital cable services.
Bell TV4DTVSet-top boxDish Network

Question 8:
Where are the headquarters of BBC World News?
Manchester, United Kingdom
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
London, United Kingdom, and Vienna, Austria
London, United Kingdom

Question 9:
What is the slogan of BBC World News?
The Classic Rock Station
Demand a Broader View
A Level Above
Radio That Listens

Question 10: ________ - Features the BBC's finest news programmes on current issues around the world.
United KingdomAll You Need Is LoveOur WorldVancouver


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