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Question 1:
BASIC influenced who out of the following people?

Question 2:
Who designed BASIC?
Percy Thomas Partnership
Christopher L. Straka, Thomas J. Holmes
Henry Ford, Childe Harold Wills, Joseph A. Galamb and Eugene Farkas
John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz

Question 3: In such a system the ________ alternates between running processes, giving each one running time on the RAM before switching to another.
LinuxUnixMac OS XOperating system

Question 4: Most of the ________ of the 1980s had a ROM-resident BASIC interpreter, allowing the machines to boot directly into BASIC.
MicrocontrollerMicrocomputerPersonal computerHome computer

Question 5: Many BASIC dialects have also sprung up in the last few years, including ________ and True BASIC (the direct successor to Dartmouth BASIC from a company controlled by Kurtz).
Visual BasicList of BASIC dialects by platformList of BASIC dialectsBBC BASIC

Question 6: As of 2006, 59% of developers for the .NET platform used ________ as their only language.
Visual Basic .NETMicrosoft SilverlightASP.NETSQL Server Compact

Question 7: BASIC's fortunes reversed once again with the introduction of ________ by Microsoft.
Visual BasicVisual Basic .NETASP.NETVisual Basic for Applications

Question 8: When three major new computers were introduced in what ________ would later call the "1977 Trinity",[5] all three had BASIC as their primary programming language and operating environment.
MicrosoftMicrocomputerBulletin board systemByte (magazine)

Question 9: More complex examples of free software BASIC implementations (development tools and compilers) include Gambas and ________.
Visual Basic .NETLiberty BASICREALbasicFreeBASIC

Question 10: Microsoft sold several versions of BASIC for ________/PC-DOS including IBM Disk BASIC (BASIC D), IBM BASICA (BASIC A), GW-BASIC (a BASICA-compatible version that did not need IBM's ROM) and QuickBASIC.
CP/MOS/2Microsoft WindowsMS-DOS

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