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Question 1: Guns:
  • 12× .50 in (12.7 mm) ________ in remote controlled turrets
    M16 rifleM2 Browning machine gunHeckler & Koch MP5Barrett M82

Question 2: A reconnaissance variant, the RB-50B (a B-50B conversion) played an important role in ________ espionage.
Vietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyJoseph StalinCold War

Question 3:
What company manufactures B-50 Superfortress?

Question 4:
What type is thing is B-50 Superfortress?
Strategic bomber
Studio Album
Stone sculpture
Oil on oak

Question 5: ________: 70.19 lb/ft² (343 kg/m²)
F-104 StarfighterGlider (sailplane)F-16 Fighting FalconWing loading

Question 6: Powerplant:Pratt & Whitney R-4360 ________, 3,500 hp (2,600 kW) each
Four-stroke engineTwo-stroke engineRadial engineRotary engine

Question 7: The USAF ________ had B-50 Superfortresses (B-50s and RB-50s) in service from 1948 through 1954.
31st Fighter WingMalmstrom Air Force BaseStrategic Air Command27th Special Operations Group

Question 8: Redesigned with a larger upper fuselage, the B-50 design would form the basis for the ________ series of airliners and C-97/KC-97 military transports, with 816 of the KC-97 built.
Boeing 247Boeing 377Boeing 314B-29 Superfortress

Question 9: Although constructed in relatively small numbers, the B-50 was the last member of the B-29 family and was one of the last ________ bombers built.
Two-stroke engineReciprocating engineWankel engineFour-stroke engine

Question 10: DB-50D--Drone director conversion of a B-50D, to be used with the ________ missile.
Convair XB-46B-45 TornadoGAM-63 RASCALB-58 Hustler


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