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Bücker Bü 131: Quiz


Question 1: After serving in the ________ in World War I, Carl Bücker moved to Sweden where he became managing director of Svenska Aero AB (SAAB).
Derfflinger class battlecruiserKaiserliche MarineMoltke class battlecruiserSMS Seydlitz

Question 2: The Jungmann was retained as the ________'s primary basic trainer until 1968.
Spanish Air ForceHellenic Air ForceLuftwaffeBulgarian Air Force

Question 3: ________ operated this type post war.
Romanian Air ForceAzerbaijani Air ForceCzech Air ForcePolish Air Force

Question 4: ________ operated this type from 1936 to 1971.
Turkish Air ForceItalian Air ForceHellenic Air ForceSwiss Air Force

Question 5: The German Bücker Bü 131 "Jungmann" (Young man) was a 1930s basic training aircraft which was used by the ________ during World War II.
Hellenic Air ForceLuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceRomanian Air Force

Question 6: [1] ________ was the main prewar export customer; "as many as 400 may have found their way" there.
SerbiaJosip Broz TitoBosnia and HerzegovinaYugoslavia

Question 7: ________: 46.3 kg/m² (9.49 lb/ft²)
Wing loadingF-16 Fighting FalconGlider (sailplane)F-104 Starfighter

Question 8: ________ operated this type as Kyūshū K9W1.
Imperial Japanese Army Air ForceMitsubishi G3MA6M ZeroImperial Japanese Navy Air Service

Question 9: Ki-86A : Japanese production version for the ________.
Mitsubishi Ki-15Mitsubishi Ki-21Imperial Japanese Army Air ForceKawasaki Ki-61

Question 10: ________ operated this type as Kokusai Ki-86.
Mitsubishi Ki-15Kawasaki Ki-61Imperial Japanese Army Air ForceMitsubishi Ki-21


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