Bánh chưng: Quiz

Question 1: [4] Wrapped in a green square package, bánh chưng symbolizes the ________,[5] the variant ingredients of bánh chưng which comes from all the products of nature also emphasize the meaning of bánh chưng with Vietnamese people.

Question 2: Bánh chưng (chưng cake) is a traditional Vietnamese cake which is made from ________, mung bean, pork and other ingredients.
Japanese cuisineMalaysian cuisineThai cuisineGlutinous rice

Question 3: The required ingredients of bánh chưng are glutinous rice, mung bean, fatty pork and ________, salt, sometimes green onion, and nước mắm for spices.
GingerBlack pepperSpice tradeNutmeg

Question 4: To keep the cake from ________ or being spoiled, bánh chưng should be carefully wrapped as tight as possible.
YeastMoldFungusCell wall

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Bánh_chưng)