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Question 1: Over time the remains were secretly transported by way of Isfahan, Kirmanshah, ________ and Damascus, to Beirut and thence by sea to Acre on the plain below Mount Carmel in 1899.

Question 2: In the book the Báb states his claim to be a ________, though the claim is disguised with other statements that he is the servant of the Hidden Imám.
Manifestation of GodBahá'í FaithBahá'í teachingsProgressive revelation (Bahá'í)

Question 3: In mid 1850 a new prime-minister, ________,[25] ordered the execution of the Báb, probably because various Bábí insurrections had been defeated and the movement's popularity appeared to be waning.
TabrizAmir KabirQajar dynastyIran

Question 4: After their pilgrimage, the Báb and Quddús returned to ________, Iran.
BushehrAhram (town)Bushehr ProvinceBandar Rig

Question 5: A ________ was issued establishing the Báb's apostasy and stated "The repentance of an incorrigible apostate is not accepted, and the only thing which has caused the postponement of thy execution is a doubt as to thy sanity of mind."[23]

Question 6: [22] After spending several months in a camp outside Tehran, and before the Báb could meet the Shah, the Prime Minister sent the Báb to ________ in the northwestern corner of the country, where he was confined.
ImamiehAzerbaijan MuseumTabrizHaidarzadeh house

Question 7: His followers, who became known as Shaykhis, were expecting the imminent appearance of the Qá'im of the House of Muhammad, also called the ________.
IslamShariaMahdiShia Islam

Question 8: After the death of Shaykh Ahmad, leadership was passed on to Sayyid Kázim of ________ (1793–1843).
LahijanRashtGilan ProvinceManjil

Question 9: Over a hundred pages in length, it states many of his basic teachings, especially in relation to some ________ beliefs.
Shaykh AhmadShia IslamImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Shaykhism

Question 10: [21] After the death of the Governor of Isfahan, who had become his supporter, pressure from the clergy of the province led to the Shah, Mohammad Shah Qajar, ordering the Báb to ________ in January 1847.

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