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Question 1: Hyer in 1837, because he thought it might have been Aztlán, following a suggested etymology of Aztatlan by ________.
Alexander von HumboldtGermanyMadridBerlin

Question 2: Guided by their priest, the Aztec fled, and, on the road, their god ________ forbade them to call themselves Azteca, telling them that they should be known as Mexica.
HuitzilopochtliAztec mythologyChalchiuhtlicueAztec religion

Question 3: They used the name Aztlán to refer to the lands of Northern Mexico that were annexed by the United States as a result of the ________.
Spanish–American WarPhilippine–American WarMexican–American WarAmerican Civil War

Question 4: Aztlán (Spanish pronunciation: [asˈtlan], from Nahuatl: Aztlān, pronounced [ˈastɬaːn]) is the legendary ancestral home of the Nahua peoples, one of the main cultural groups in ________.
Maya civilizationTakalik AbajMesoamericaMesoamerican chronology

Question 5: Eduardo Matos Moctezuma presumes Aztlán to be somewhere in the modern-day states of ________, Jalisco, and Michoacán[2].
GuanajuatoQuerétaroYucatánHidalgo (state)

Question 6: Los Angeles-based ________ penned a standout song on 2004's Street Signs in solidarity with the Chicano movement called "Santiago", alluding to Uncle Sam as "Santiago de Aztlán".
Embrace the ChaosOzomatliOzomatli (album)Funk

Question 7: In Michael Flynn's alternate history story "The Forest of Time", ________ is part of a nation-state called Nuevo Aztlán.

Question 8: Thomas Pynchon refers to Aztlan as the "mythic ancestral home of the Mexican people" in ________:
Inherent ViceGravity's RainbowAgainst the DayMason & Dixon

Question 9: Aztlán [asˈtlan] is the ________ spelling and pronunciation of Nahuatl Aztlān [ˈas.tɬaːn].
Portuguese languageFrench languageSpanish languageRomanian language

Question 10: In 1887, Mexican anthropologist Alfredo Chavero claimed that Aztlán was located on the Pacific coast in the state of ________.
NayaritSan Luis PotosíZacatecasChihuahua

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