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Question 1:
Who of the following spoke at the Azerbaijani language?
136 million, and by an estimated 500 million francophones worldwide,
20-30 million

Question 2: /w/ exists in the Kirkuk dialect as an allophone of /v/ in Arabic ________.
German languageEnglish languageFrench languageLoanword

Question 3: Varlıq, the most important literary Azeri magazine published in ________, uses the term Türki ("Turkish" in English or "Torki" in Persian) to refer to the Azeri language.
IraqIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanIran

Question 4:
What family does Azerbaijani language belong to?
Central Bantu ?
Western South Slavic

Question 5: In ________, North Azeri now officially uses the Latin alphabet, but the Cyrillic alphabet is also in wide use, while in Iran, South Azeri uses the Perso-Arabic script.

Question 6: In 1992–1993, when Azerbaijan Popular Front Party was in power in ________, the official language of Azerbaijan was renamed by the parliament to Türk dili ("Turkic").

Question 7: In mid-19th century it was taught in the schools of ________, Ganja, Shaki, Tbilisi, and Yerevan.

Question 8: ________ often call it[citation needed] Türki , Türki Azari or Azari.
Iranian AzerisAzerbaijani peoplePersian JewsPersian people

Question 9: Maragheh dialect (________, Iran)
BasmenjTabrizAqkandEast Azarbaijan Province

Question 10: Before 1929, Azerbaijani was only written in the ________.
Persian languageKaphArabic alphabetPerso-Arabic script

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