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Question 1: diethyl ether (33%) / halothane (66%) a mixture once commonly used in ________.
MedicineAnesthesiaPain managementSurgery

Question 2: ________ (96%) / water, boils at 78.1°C
FlumazenilEthanol1,4-ButanediolAlcoholic beverage

Question 3: Ether holds the last bit of water so tenaciously that only a very powerful desiccant such as ________ metal added to the liquid phase can result in completely dry ether.

Question 4: As such, they are best illustrated with a ________.
SolidGasPhase diagramPhase transition

Question 5: ________ (68%) / water, boils at 120.5°C at 1 atm (negative azeotrope)
AmmoniaSulfuric acidNitric acidHydrofluoric acid

Question 6: Raoult's law predicts the ________ of ideal mixtures as a function of composition ratio.
NitrogenOxygenVapor pressurePartial pressure

Question 7: For example, if a 50/50 mixture of ethanol and water is distilled once, the distillate will be 80% ethanol and 20% water (see ________), which is closer to the azeotropic mixture than the original.
Surface tensionRefractive indexEthanol (data page)Viscosity

Question 8: ________ (98.3%) / water, boils at 338°C
Hydrochloric acidSulfuric acidAcetic acidAmmonia

Question 9: For example, the azeotrope of 20% ________ with 80% chloroform can be broken by adding water and distilling the result.
SqualeneAcetoneCholesterolAcetoacetic acid

Question 10: An example is ________ and water, which do not form an azeotrope.
Hydrogen peroxideAcetic acidOxygenEthanol


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