Ayu Tsukimiya: Quiz

Question 1: The theme was composed on a synthesizer which primarily used a ________ as a base, along with violin, vibraphone, and percussion accompaniment throughout the piece.
PianoTimpaniTambourineBell (instrument)

Question 2: [1] When first introduced, Ayu is seen wearing a large tan duffle coat over a sweater and ________, despite the cold winter weather, and is the only Kanon character seen to regularly don mittens.
ShortsVelcroAthletic shoeOverall

Question 3: In 2002, Toei Animation produced the first Kanon anime and featured character design by Yōichi Ōnishi who based the designs on ________'s original concept.
One: Kagayaku Kisetsu eKey (company)Little Busters!Itaru Hinoue

Question 4: [2] Ayu was created by Naoki Hisaya who wrote her scenario for the visual novel, and designed by ________.
Little Busters!Key (company)Itaru HinoueOne: Kagayaku Kisetsu e

Question 5: The earliest was released on January 29 by Movic which also came with a chibi version of Ayu dressed in a ________ outfit.
ChristmasFather ChristmasSanta ClausChristmas Eve

Question 6: [28] The CD contains eighty-six variations of Ayu's iconic catch phrase featured in the anime, and is voiced by ________.
Yukari TamuraYūji UedaAice5Yui Horie

Question 7: ________, a webcomic that takes much of its inspiration from Kanon, references Ayu.
Martian Successor NadesicoAnimePenny Arcade (webcomic)Megatokyo

Question 8: The main focus of both Kanon ________ is Ayu, who has also appeared in all of Kanon's adaptations, and has been incorporated into numerous dōjin games.
AnimationAnimeTraditional animationSilhouette animation

Question 9: Shortly after Yuichi and Ayu become involved in an ________, Ayu remembers what happened in the past and disappears without a trace.
LoveInterpersonal relationshipIntimate relationshipRomance (love)

Question 10: In the anime ________, episode eight parodies Kanon and other adult games.
FantasyMagical Shopping Arcade AbenobashiJapanUnited States

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Ayu_Tsukimiya)