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Axillary bud: Quiz


Question 1: These axillary buds are usually dormant, inibited by ________ produced by the apical meristem, which is known as apical dominance.
Cell wallIndole-3-acetic acidPlant hormoneAuxin

Question 2: As the ________ grows and forms leaves, a region of meristematic cells are left behind at the node between the stem and the leaf.
Plant evolutionary developmental biologyPlantMeristemPlant stem

Question 3: Certain plant diseases - notably ________ - can cause the proliferation of axillary buds, and cause plants to become bushy in appearance.
Sugarcane Grassy Shoot DiseaseBacteriaPhytoplasmaMycoplasma

Question 4: The axillary bud is an embryonic shoot which lies at the junction of the stem and petiole of a ________.
FungusPlantRed algaeArchaeplastida


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