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Question 1: In 1897, McConnell built a small (3000 square foot) laboratory in ________.
Haverstraw (village), New YorkRamapo, New YorkRockland County, New YorkSuffern, New York

Question 2:
What is the revenue of Avon Products?
US$10.7 Billion
US$ 95.6 million
US$, 1.6 Billion
US$ 1.02 billion

Question 3:
How many employees does Avon Products have?

Question 4:

Question 5:
What is the company slogan of Avon Products?
Thinking Lucene?, Think Lucid.
Convenience, Pricing, Control, Privacy
We are the growers and you can taste it!
The Company For Women

Question 6:
Which of these is a Avon Products product?
Perfumery, cosmetics and skincare
Cosmetics, perfume, clothing
plastic containers, cosmetics, personal care products
Cosmetics, vehicles

Question 7:
When was Avon Products founded?
Long Island, New York, United States
1973 New York, New York
New York, New York
Syracuse, New York, United States

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at Avon Products?
Jung, Wook
Man Won Jung
Gina Woodall - Senior Vice President
Andrea Jung, Chairman & CEO; Charles Cramb, CFO; Gina Boswell, COO

Question 9:
What industry is Avon Products in?
Personal loans
Personal & Household Products
Household and personal products
Hair care, skin care, food seasonings, household products

Question 10: Avon Products, Inc. NYSEAVP is a US ________, perfume and toy seller with markets in over 140 countries across the world and sales of $9.9 billion worldwide as of 2007.
L'OréalHair removalNiveaCosmetics


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