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Avoidant personality disorder: Quiz


Question 1: AvPD is reported to be especially prevalent in people with ________, although estimates of comorbidity vary widely due to differences in (among others) diagnostic instruments.
Anxiety disorderGeneralized anxiety disorderMajor depressive disorderSocial anxiety disorder

Question 2: Research suggests that people with AvPD, in common with sufferers of chronic ________ (also called social phobia), excessively monitor their own internal reactions when they are involved in social interaction.
Obsessive–compulsive disorderHypochondriasisSocial anxiety disorderSpecific social phobia

Question 3: The ________'s ICD-10 lists avoidant personality disorder as (F60.6) Anxious (avoidant) personality disorder.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerland

Question 4: Extreme ________ or social anxiety in social situations, though feels a strong desire for close relationships[3]

Question 5: The extreme tension created by this monitoring may account for the hesitant speech and ________ of many people with AvPD; they are so preoccupied with monitoring themselves and others that producing fluent speech is difficult.

Question 6: Research suggests that approximately 10–50% of people who have panic disorder with ________ have AvPD, as well as about 20–40% of people who have social phobia (social anxiety disorder).
Generalized anxiety disorderMajor depressive disorderAgoraphobiaObsessive–compulsive disorder

Question 7: In some more extreme cases-- ________
Anxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorderObsessive–compulsive disorderAgoraphobia


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