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Avitus: Quiz


Question 1: A relative of his, Theodorus, was hostage at the court of the King of ________, Theodoric I: in 425/426 Avitus went and met him, thus meeting the King, who let Avitus enter his own court.
VisigothsHispaniaVisigothic KingdomOstrogoths

Question 2: Avitus sent Ricimer to defend Sicily, and the Romans defeated the Vandals twice, once in a land battle near ________ and another in a naval battle off Corsica.

Question 3: The new Emperor needed the support of both the civil institutions, the ________ and the Eastern Roman Emperor Marcian, as well as that of the army and its commanders (the generals Majorian and Ricimer) and the Vandals of Gaiseric.
Roman KingdomRoman MagistratesAncient RomeRoman Senate

Question 4: According to ________, Avitus died during the journey;[18] according to other sources, he was killed by Majorian and Ricimer, who had him strangled or starved to death.
Martin of ToursMerovingian dynastyClovis IGregory of Tours

Question 5: He then started a military career: he served under the magister militum Aetius in his campaign against the Juthungi and the Norics (430-431) and also against the ________ (436).
AlamanniGermanic peoplesVandalsBurgundians

Question 6: 385[2]-after October 17, 456 or in 457) was ________ from July 8 or July 9, 455 to October 17, 456.
Roman EmperorWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 7: Ricimer had the Roman Senate depose Avitus and ordered the murder of the magister militum Remistus at ________, in the in Classis Palace, on September 17 456.

Question 8: [9] The Vandal raids restarted after the winter truce in March 456, despite a further embassy by Marcian, with the destruction of ________.
CaiazzoAversaSessa AuruncaCapua

Question 9: Agricola's daughter, also named Papianilla (490 – 530), married her relative Parthenius (485 – 548), a ________ in 542 and perhaps a great-grandson of Felix Ennodius.
PatronageFlorenceAncient historyRenaissance

Question 10: During Avitus' reign, the Visigoths expanded into ________, nominally under Roman authorisation but actually for their own interests.
HispaniaLusitaniaRoman BritainGallaecia

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