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Avionics: Quiz


Question 1: It has been used in Fourth generation jet fighters and the latests generation of ________.
AirbusWide-body aircraftAirlinerBoeing 777

Question 2: The advent of ________ and electro actuated flight surfaces (rather than the traditional hydraulic) has increased safety.
Aircraft flight control systemWingtip deviceGlass cockpitUndercarriage

Question 3: Radars include ________ (AEW), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), and even Weather radar (Arinc 708) and ground tracking/proximity radar.
C-130 HerculesE-3 SentryB-17 Flying FortressAirborne early warning and control

Question 4: Dipping sonar fitted to a range of military helicopters allows the ________ to protect shipping assets from submarines or surface threats.

Question 5: UHF, ________ Tactical (30-88 MHz) and SatCom systems combined with ECCM methods, and cryptography secure the communications.
Very high frequencyL bandKu bandMicrowave

Question 6: To help avoid collision with terrain, (________) aircraft use systems such as ground-proximity warning systems (GPWS), radar altimeter being the key element in GPWS.
Attitude indicatorVariometerControlled flight into terrainGlass cockpit

Question 7: Many of these advanced systems are known as a ________ or FMS.
AutopilotGlass cockpitFlight management systemAircraft landing lights

Question 8: Aircraft like the F-15E and the now retired ________ have roughly 80 percent of their budget spent on avionics.
F-14 TomcatA-6 IntruderF-11 TigerF-9 Cougar

Question 9: ________: Military Aircraft
MIL-STD-1553Aircraft flight control systemF-16 Fighting FalconAvionics

Question 10: Avionics can use satellite-based systems (such as ________ and WAAS), ground-based systems (such as VOR or LORAN), or any combination thereof.
Inertial navigation systemF-15 EagleCompassGlobal Positioning System


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