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Question 1: Even in terms of religion, the South produced its own variant, the ________ movement, which was ultimately declared heretical.

Question 2: He resorted to a similar tactic as King of France Philippe earlier and summoned the nobles of ________ to back his decision.

Question 3: The literature produced by the "troubadour" age in the ________ area is unique and strongly distinct from that of Royal circles in the north.

Question 4: The movement was fueled in no small part by the South's strong sense of independence, even though the South had been severely weakened during the ________, a hundred years before.
CrusadesCatharismAlbigensian CrusadeFifth Crusade

Question 5: ________ was at that time still independent, formally a part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Question 6: Beginning with Clement V, elected 1305, all popes during the residence of the ________ in Avignon were French.
Catholic ChurchPopePope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 7: A stronger impact was made by the move of the Roman Curia from Rome to ________ in 1305.

Question 8: In the ________ of St-Maurice in Vienne, the King of France and his son the King of Navarre were sitting next to him when he issued the decree.
Primate (religion)Catholic ChurchCathedralBishop

Question 9: The Papacy in the ________ played a major temporal role in addition to its spiritual role.
Late Middle AgesByzantine EmpireEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 10: In his decision about returning to Rome, the Pope was also under the influence of ________, later canonized, who preached for a return to Rome.
Pope Gregory ICatherine of SienaFrancis of AssisiFrancis de Sales


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