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Avidyā (Buddhism): Quiz


Question 1: ________ for avidya's context within various Buddhist frameworks.
VijñānaKleśā (Buddhism)VedanāBuddhism

Question 2: ________: Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self Deception (1985) Bloomsbury Publishing.
14th Dalai LamaDaniel GolemanGreater Good Science CenterHarvard University

Question 3: Avidyā (________) or avijjā (Pāli) means "ignorance" or "delusion" and is the opposite of 'vidyā' (Sanskrit) and 'rig pa' (Wylie).

Question 4: ________ for a complementary root of suffering in Buddhism.

Question 5: As the first link of ________, all other links depend on it.
Twelve NidānasVedanāVijñānaPratītyasamutpāda

Question 6: Avidyā has three aspects as associated with the three kinds of vedanā (sensation), four aspects as the ignorance of the ________, and five aspects as masking the five destinies (see : Samsāra).
SkandhaFour Noble TruthsBuddhismNirvana


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