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Avidius Cassius: Quiz


Question 1: The evidence, including Marcus's own ________, supports the idea that Marcus was indeed quite sick, but contrary to the report that reached Cassius, he had not died.

Question 2: A native of Cyrrhus, Syria, he was the son of Gaius Avidius Heliodorus, a noted orator who was Prefect of Egypt from 137 to 142 under ________, and wife Junia Cassia Alexandra.
HadrianMarcus AureliusLucius VerusTrajan

Question 3: The governor of ________, Martius Verus, remained loyal to Marcus Aurelius.

Question 4: He had a distinguished military career under Marcus Aurelius during the Parthian War, as the Legatus (________) of Legio III Gallica, capturing Seleucia and Ctesiphon, and managed to enter the Senate.
Military rankSecond LieutenantBrigadier GeneralGeneral officer

Question 5: Although he seized control of some of the most vital parts of the Roman east — Egypt being an important source of grain for the city of ________ — Cassius failed to find widespread support for his rebellion.

Question 6: The events of his life are known from Cassius Dio's Roman History, and the ________.
DiocletianConstantine IAugustan HistoryRoman Emperor


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