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Question 1: ECM also released recordings of minimalist and ________, and work by the Art Ensemble of Chicago (who were considerably messier than the ECM stereotype would indicate).
Medieval musicGregorian chantItalian classical musicOrganum

Question 2: Evan Parker and ________ were pioneers of the new non-idiomatic style.
Free improvisationTony OxleyDerek BaileyAvant-garde jazz

Question 3: The origins of avant-garde jazz are in the innovations of the immediate acolytes of ________.
Duke EllingtonCount BasieMiles DavisCharlie Parker

Question 4: This wing of avant-garde jazz was taken as emblematic of the ________ movement, and also sometimes had mystical intentions.
Martin Luther King, Jr.Malcolm XAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Black Power

Question 5: ________'s increasingly experimental work, and the Impulse! label became the flagbearers of the avant-garde jazz scene.
A Love SupremeColtrane for LoversJohn Coltrane1958 Miles

Question 6: ________, in particular, became an iconic figure in the "downtown" music scene, performing in free jazz, free improvisation, and a variety of rock and extreme music styles.
Radio (Naked City album)John Zorn discographyMasada (band)John Zorn

Question 7: Avant-jazz often sounds very similar to ________, but differs in that, despite its distinct departure from traditional harmony, it has a predetermined structure over which improvisation may take place.
Punk jazzBig bandFree jazzAvant-garde jazz

Question 8: Sun Ra, ________, and Ornette Coleman became a new vanguard of controversial jazz innovators, outside the range of what many fans considered listenable.
John ColtraneArchie SheppFree jazzCecil Taylor

Question 9: The 1970s saw the development of ________.
Jazz-funkJazz fusionJazz guitarSmooth jazz

Question 10: However, by the early-to-mid-'70s, many free jazz icons, such as ________, Archie Shepp, and Ornette Coleman were experimenting with rock and funk.
John ColtraneFree improvisationAvant-garde jazzAlbert Ayler


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