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Question 1: A couple of years later, the founder of the new ________ and the Third Burmese Empire, Alaungpaya, crushed the Mon revolt, and after a period with Shwebo as his capital, re-established the court in Ava.
Taungoo DynastyKonbaung DynastyPagan KingdomBurma

Question 2: Prior to this, Sagaing had been capital, but after Sagaing fell to the ________, the court moved across the river to Ava.
BurmaShanThai peopleLao people

Question 3: Htihlaing Shin Paya - a stupa built by King Kyanzittha of ________ period (11th c.)
Mandalay DivisionMandalayBaganNaypyidaw

Question 4: The city is a popular tourist day-trip destination from ________.
AmarapuraMandalayMandalay DivisionChanayethazan Township

Question 5: A few months after Myedu war Minyekyawzwa marched down into Lower Burma and attacked ________.
Bago, BurmaYangonBago DivisionMon people

Question 6: Ava Bridge – a 16 span ________ built by the British in 1934, the only structure to span the Ayeyarwady River until recently when a new bridge has been built nearby.
Truss bridgeArch bridgeCantilever bridgeCable-stayed bridge

Question 7: In 1555, Ava fell to the southern Burmese Kingdom of Taungoo which led to the founding of the Second Burmese Empire by King ________, but in 1636, the king of Taungoo relocated his own capital to Ava.

Question 8: The Kingdom of Ava was involved in continuous warfare with Tai (Shan) saophas to the north on the frontier with ________.
Diqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureYunnanKunming

Question 9: The ________ that ruled China from the late fourteenth century often tried unsuccessfully to put an end to this warfare through traditional Chinese diplomacy.
Ming DynastyHan DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 10: no pulling punches)prison where the American missionary ________ was incarcerated during the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824-26)
Ann Hasseltine JudsonFrancis Mason (missionary)Eugenio KincaidAdoniram Judson

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