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Question 1: The auxiliary police did not initially carry pistols, but only used the ________ which was also used by the regular police in alerted situations.
PPS submachine gunCarl Gustav M/45MP 40PPSh-41

Question 2: In 1941 under the civil defense act, ________ started what has evolved into today's Auxiliary Police force.
Perth Amboy, New JerseyWoodbridge Township, New JerseyEast Brunswick Township, New JerseySayreville, New Jersey

Question 3: Although Auxiliary Police officers may not carry firearms in ________, they do carry handcuffs, PR-24 or expandable batons, pepper spray, and police radios.
Sayreville, New JerseyPerth Amboy, New JerseyWoodbridge Township, New JerseyEast Brunswick Township, New Jersey

Question 4: Auxiliary Police officers in Metuchen do not carry firearms, but do carry other items such as ________, expandable batons, pepper spray, EMS gloves, and police radios.
BDSMJapanUnited KingdomHandcuffs

Question 5: Auxiliary police (also called Police bones or special constables) are usually the part-time reserves of a regular ________ force.
PoliceLawCommon lawSharia

Question 6: The ________ Auxiliary Police is a division of the Patrol Services Bureau.
New York City HallNew York City Police DepartmentNew York City Sheriff's OfficeNew York City Fire Department

Question 7: Formed in 1957, the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary is an armed, professionally trained, all volunteer law enforcement organization dedicated to providing direct assistance and operational support to the ________.
Louisiana State PoliceCalifornia Highway PatrolPennsylvania State PoliceFlorida Highway Patrol

Question 8: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Reserves, ________
Glendale, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 9: All members are also trained in self defensive tactics for their safety, and in ________/AED.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitationSurgeryElectrocardiographyICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 10: In the capital city of Hungary there is a "Civil Self-Defense Organizations of ________ (and suburbia)"; the short Hungarian name is BPSZ.


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