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Autotroph: Quiz


Question 1: Other organisms, called heterotrophs, take in autotrophs as ________ to carry out functions necessary for their life.
MeatCookingMedieval cuisineFood

Question 2: Such radiotrophic fungi were found growing inside a reactor of the ________.
Chernobyl Nuclear Power PlantChernobyl disasterChernobyl disaster effectsNuclear and radiation accidents

Question 3: Autotrophs are fundamental to the food chains of all ________ in the world.
EcosystemEcosystem ecologyEcologySystems ecology

Question 4: Autotrophs are the producers in a food chain, such as plants on land or ________ in water.
AlgaePhotosynthesisWild fisheriesCell wall

Question 5: Some organisms rely on organic compounds as a source of ________, but are able to use light or inorganic compounds as a source of energy.

Question 6: Thus, heterotrophs — all ________, almost all fungi, as well as most bacteria and protozoa — depend on autotrophs for the energy and raw materials they need.

Question 7: Autotrophs are mentioned in the title song of ________.
The Big Bang TheoryCyprusSpainFrance

Question 8: An autotroph [α] is an organism that produces complex organic compounds (________, fats, and proteins) from simple inorganic molecules using energy from light (by photosynthesis) or inorganic chemical reactions.

Question 9: Bacteria which derive energy from oxidizing inorganic compounds (such as ________, elemental sulfur, ammonium and ferrous iron) are chemoautotrophs, and include the lithotrophs.
Hydrogen sulfideNitric oxideCarbon monoxideNitrous oxide

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