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Autonomous areas of China: Quiz


Question 1: In the Chinese name of the administrative area, the nationality name is always suffixed with -族 ("nationality"), unless both of the following conditions apply: the division is found in ________ (or is Xinjiang); the nationality name consists of more than one syllable.
XinjiangUzbekistanKazakhstanUyghur people

Question 2: The remaining 3 autonomous regions have absolute majorities of ________, the majority ethnicity of China.
MonguorReligion in ChinaHan ChineseZhonghua minzu

Question 3: ________ and Ningxia followed in 1957, and Tibet Autonomous Region was formally established in 1965.
YizhouPingxiang, GuangxiRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyGuangxi

Question 4: ________ was converted from a province to an autonomous region in 1955.
Uyghur peopleKazakhstanUzbekistanXinjiang

Question 5: As these autonomous areas were created by the PRC, they are not recognised by the Republic of China on Taiwan which ruled ________ before the PRC's creation.
TibetKinmenParacel IslandsMainland China

Question 6: ________ has a plurality (<50%) of the designated ethnic group, the Uyghurs, though this is disputed by Uyghur independence advocates, who claim that the Han Chinese population in Xinjiang has been severely understated.

Question 7: The first autonomous region to be established was ________, created within communist-held territory in 1947, two years before the establishment of the People's Republic.
ManzhouliInner MongoliaEvenk Autonomous BannerWuchuan County, Inner Mongolia


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